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Northern Office

The Foundry, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Ch41 1EU 


Southern Office 

Unit 69a, Scottow Enterprise Park, Badersfield, NR10 5JR

Our Services


WiFi Specialists

Today’s digital demand for businesses to rely on structured WiFi networks across all industries is higher than ever. At Advanced Communications, our highly skilled industry accredited specialist WIFI team can assist with troubleshooting, new designs and deployments of any size and industry. The innovative directional technology that we use compliments the careful positioning and configuration, which allows us to deploy a range of access points to support many wireless clients properly.

A robust wireless network is a necessary requirement for businesses; our WiFi services are guaranteed to keep your employees and customers happy. At Advanced Communications, we can help you build trust and increase your reputation with faster responses, speedier file sharing and ultra-clear video conferencing. With digital tools and updated technology, you can transform the way your business works online with our WiFi Specialists. We are also Cisco & CWNP accredited meaning we have the skills to work with the most complex projects here at Advanced Communications.

Connectivity done the right way with Advanced Communications.

Our WiFi service can be used to serve the needs of a business, which will help you work faster and more efficiently.  Whether you need a guest WiFi service or your business requires a supply to a large number of people, at Advanced Communications, our specialist WiFi team have the solution for you.

WiFi connectivity

Serviced Offices

If you need to provide WiFi to serviced offices, it is vital to understand the value of delivering affordable and high-speed connectivity. We understand the importance of supplying reliable WiFi connections throughout your offices to keep your business tenants working efficiently.

Financial Services

At Advanced Communications, we can keep you connected and secure in a sector where milliseconds mean millions. Our specialist WiFi Service involves identifying specific areas of improvement which will help us prevent issues that could affect your workforce.

Hospitality and Media

From virtual events to the home offices of the media, now an essential factor in business use of WiFi connectivity. We provide a quality service to every client, from assessing your business premises layout to how many devices are using your network will be included.

Professional Services

In professional services, your people depend on resilient technology to ensure they can support your business practices. We can supply and provide your business with a high-quality WiFi installation that gives you unparalleled internet coverage levels.