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Northern Office

The Foundry, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Ch41 1EU 

Our Services

Southern Office 

Unit 69a, Scottow Enterprise Park, Badersfield, NR10 5JR

Our Services – Advanced Communications

At Advanced Communications, we can improve the way you do business now and in the future; our services allow you to increase business efficiency.  We offer an extensive range of services, from design and installation to managed business services.  

Our Services


Installation of security devices is a specialist skill; with our team of industry trained and fully certified engineers, we can offer your business a range of security solutions.  At Advanced Communications, we aim to ensure your business is a safe and secure environment and handle all of your individual security requirements.  Our experience covers a range of sectors, including corporate, retail, industrial and more.

Design and Consultancy  

The design and consultancy process is where we deliberate with your business about your requirements and how we can implement ideas into next-generation solutions.  At Advanced Communications, we are experts in design and strategy planning; we pride ourselves on our design and consultancy service, which is fully impartial and here to support clients. 

Our Services
Our Services


The installation of cabling systems should be designed to support the emerging technologies which will integrate business data and communication requirements.  The installation of the data and communications infrastructure can be the most important part of the process, which is why our team of industry trained and fully certified engineers undertake the process after a site survey has been completed.  

Managed Services  

Customer assurance is one of our most invested interests at Advanced Communications, so if you encounter any issues, we can provide support with minimal fuss.  We provide managed services as a support function that is industry-leading and award-winning.  Our team of expertly trained and technical support engineers will get your business back up and running as soon as possible.  

Our Services
Our Services

Structured Cabling  

Wherever business or data communications are required, a structured cabling infrastructure is vital for support.  At Advanced Communications, we provide a reliable structured cabling solution that effectively supports communication cables for a whole building.  We deliver flexibility for every user that connects to data, be that via a PC, TV, Telephone or even CCTV.  

WiFi Specialists

At Advanced Communications, we have a team of WiFi Specialists who implement hardware and software designed to deliver your business WiFi solutions.  We aim to provide flawless connectivity that has been specially engineered for your business application.  Our highly skilled industry accredited WiFi team can assist with troubleshooting, new designs, and deployment connections for any size business.  

Our Services