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Design & Consultancy

Northern Office

The Foundry, Marcus Street, Birkenhead, Ch41 1EU 

Design & Consultancy

Southern Office 

Unit 69a, Scottow Enterprise Park, Badersfield, NR10 5JR

Our Services

Design & Consultancy

Design & Consultancy

Using the latest technologies and industry experience can offer a wide variety of design or consultancy services.  At Advanced Communications, we are experts in strategic planning, priding ourselves on our design and consultancy service, which is fully impartial and here to support our clients.

To mitigate risks and achieve successful outcomes, organisations must take a strategic, proactive approach to communications. At Advanced Communications, we start by understanding your business and once we understand your business challenges, we will provide a full report of our proposed solution. Our team can then offer your business a fully tailored and scoped solution while working alongside you to deliver your action plan.

Design and consultancy

Number One For Choice

Consultancy is about providing choice and we have built a team of experts from across the market to support your business choices.  At Advanced Communications, we offer a range of consultancy and design services, from single-day workshops to full technology reviews for your business, with recommendations and designs on how to best deliver these services.  With today’s complex working environment, all businesses require effective ongoing communication with customers, employees and investors; we can help you make that happen.  

How can we help you?

At Advanced Communications, we develop consultancy strategies to help you make important connections and contribute to even more business results.  Our goal is to help you clarify positions, engage stakeholders, and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Measure the effectiveness of your internal communications

Survey business perceptions and information needs

Capture all clients bespoke needs

Facilitate employee and leader focus groups

Conduct on-site communication assessments

Take your internal communications to world-class

Consultancy firm